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Psychic In London | Sasha Bonasin Reviews

What They’re Saying

OMG! This guy is absolutely amazing! He just knew so much about me and my life I cannot explain to you certain things he came up with. I'm absolutely astonished! I have always believed in psychics and I always will but Sasha is amazing! Highly recommend him to everyone!

Sarah, London

Far the best psychic reading I ever had. London psychic Sasha told me certain things about my past not even my wife knows about, things about my childhood I only know. Not that he was completely spot on with everything, Sasha helped me a lot to find a clear direction in my life. And he did indeed. My life changed thanks to Sasha. What else can I say.

Martin, London

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! I'm gobsmacked!

Carolyn, London

All I wanted to know was when I'm gonna sell my house, as I was struggeling to sell the house for the past three years due to house extention being build where it shouldn't have being build in the first place. I never knew that when I bought the house but never mind. Then one Sunday I went to see London Psychic Medium Sasha and he told me the EXACT day I will sell my house. Guess what? I did!!! I sold the house on the exact day Sasha said I would! Incredible! Absolutely incredible!

Dawn, London

Psychic Sasha told me the day I was going to concieve. I was trying to have a baby and concieve in absolute ages, 11 years to be precise. How long me and my gorgeous husband have been trying. I went to see Sasha, after years of trying to have a baby, he was recommended to me by my friend who works with me in the local hospital. Psychic Sasha told me straight away that I will fell pregnant in 52 days, which was completely true and then he went on to tell me the exact day I was going to give the birth to my gorgeous daughter! I couldn't believe it! So precise! Love it!!!

Debbie, London

I had an email reading from Sasha and all I can say is: wow! He's the real deal, that's for sure.

Ken, New York

I have to say I'm impressed. Great reading. Thank you very, very much.

Adam, Los Angeles

After I had a reading with Mr Sasha Bonasin everything in my life started to make sense again. He is very accurate and will say how it is, he is adorable and I love his honesty. He didn't only help me by revealing me my future, but he also helped me to find the solutions to the problems that were bothering me for a long time. He is amazing.

Walter, San Francisco

I had a reading from this wonderful man a quite few years ago. Well, Sasha predicted my husband, he predicted my marriage, he ALSO predicted that I will have three daughters and end up working as an accountant or basically counting something office based, and guess what happened? I actually got a really good job as an accountant accross the road from me where I live, how werid I know. Please do trust me, all those years ago I never had anything like accountancy in my mind because I felt way too active for any kind of office work! And I also remember when he told me healthwise what to watch for, boy he was right again, everything he warned me about was happening in my life.

Sasha Bonasin is amazing. Because of him I see and understand so much more about life and beyond.

Love You Sasha XXXXX

Aileen, Glasgow, Scotland

I had an amazing reading with Sasha Bonasin, very uplifting and enlightening.

Sonia, London

Loved my reading with Mr Bonasin. Vey accurate indeed.

Roger, Romford, Essex

I heard everything I needed to hear regarding my career, finances, love & health. Felt so much better almost immediately after my reading with Sasha Bonasin, I'm grateful I have found him.

Mark, London

I see this wonderful man once a year. Sasha is my  spiritual guide, he is my spiritual mentor and he helps me with every single aspect of my life. His energy is something different, his energy is precious. He is beautiful.

Jane, Notting Hill, London

I highly recommend London Psychic Sasha Bonasin. Beautiful energy, accurate readings,and amazing personality.

Katie, London

Sasha Bonasin's You Tube Channel is absolutely amazing, I have been following Sasha and his monthly horoscope readings since this Summer! Thank you Sasha for doing this for us!!! We love you for that!

Tina, Brighton, United Kingdom

When I first came across psychic Sasha Bonasin he was a resident psychic/fortune teller on a popular UK TV show called Big Brother's Bit On The Side. Psychic Sasha was their resident psychic for years. Then and there I fell in love with him. I also watched him on the hit reality TV show 'The Only Way Is Essex' where psychic Sasha did a reading for some of the stars on the show. Now I watch his amazing You Tube channel where he is posting his monthly horoscope, tarot zodiac prdictions. I just love Sasha's psychic readings, he is very accurate and I simply adore his energy. I think that everybody needs a dose of psychic Sasha Bonasin in their life!

Adele, London

I went to see Sasha Bonasin on my birthday two years ago. It was the best birthday I ever had!!! Weird and wonderful! Loved it.

Chris, London

I'm so glad I have this opportunity to write a review about psychic Sasha Bonasin from London. I must stres that when it came to psychics, mediums and fortune tellers I really was all my life, well most of my life a sceptic. But I was always a little bit curious, as my best friend was completely into psychics. Literally one day I decided to give it a go. I saw Sasha Bonasin's You Tube Channel first, recommended by my friend, after that point I choose psychic Sasha Bonasin for my personal reading. I must say I was still a bit nervous which I do find weird being a sceptic, but anyway I had to put it down to something so I put it down to the fact that I must have already sensed that something magical will happen. And it did. That, what I like to call 'magical' is the fact that Sasha Bonasin's psychic reading was so weird but good, things he sad resonated with me to the point I just couldn't believe it. Psychic Sasha Bonasin reading was absolutely spot on for me. Not  only his reading I was so impressed by but the fact that he completely changed my mind when it comes to psychics. Great experience. Psychic Sasha Bonasin is very interesting. I highly recommend him.

Margaret, Farenham

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