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Psychic Sasha Bonasin



Internationally recognised psychic, medium Sasha Bonasin is based in London, UK. Over the past 20 years, Sasha read  for many people around the world, including high profile celebrities. With Sasha you will receive the most detailed, uplifting, revealing and informative psychic reading and guidance, wether you book a face to face reading, tarot card reading, tasseography (also known as a coffee cup reading), palmistry, email reading, telephone reading or Skype.

London Psychic Sasha Bonasin will also help you overcome difficulties and find the inner peace, happiness and harmony you deserve. His reading will bring you understanding, enlightenment, peace and love. Sasha also offers an energy cleansing services including an evil eye removal, distance healing and house cleansing. Sasha Bonasin regulary apperead on TV as a resident psychic on one of the most popular UK TV shows where he was reading for famous people, stars and celebrities for many years. Sasha also owns a popular YouTube channel where he does monthly tarot horoscope readings for a wide audience around the world, check him here. Book a reading with London Psychic Sasha Bonasin to find out about love, romance, relationships, career, finances, life choices and spiritual guidance.

Book A Reading With Psychic Sasha Bonasin To...

Find out about your future.

Learn about your past & present.

Receive a messages from the spirit world.

Get a clear direction in life.

Gain information about your past lives which are affecting your life now.

Learn about your psychic abilites.

Learn how to open your third psychic eye and become more intuitive.

Find out in which direction your life should be heading.

Find out the outcome of things that matter to you before they happen so you can prepare yourself.

Recieve a message from the spirits about certain life situations.

Find out how many lives you lived.

Connect to your spirit guides.

Any questions about your current life situations, questions about love life, partners, friends, family, money, finances, job offers.

Gain an insight into your life purpose through connection with the spirit world.

The Choices Of Psychic Readings Sasha Bonasin Offers Are...

Coffee cup readings - Also known as Tasseography

Tea Leaf Readings - Also known as Tasseography

Tarot Card Readings

Email Readings

Skype Readings

Pendulum Psychic Readings

Palm Readings


Horoscope & Astrology

Aura Readings

Birthday Numerology

Mediumship & Clairvoyance

I'm absolutely blown away by Sasha's accuracy as he told me things about myself that only I know.
Straight at the beginning he told me not to say anything, but boy when he started!
Sasha is trully gifted psychic, there's no doubt about it.
When I arrived I felt really down, when I left him I was completely uplifted & finally I can start looking forward to my future.
I highly recommend him!

William, London

I find Sasha Bonasin's reading both insightful and enlightening. I was actually surprised how much ke knew about my life without me giving any details/information.  I'm impressed. Overall an amazing experience.

Linda, London

Everytime I'm in London I go to see this lovely man. Sasha Bonasin is very accurate and always offer a great advice.

Mark, Scotland

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"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"


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London United Kingdom


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